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Rapp-It has been successful in petrochemical, general manufacturing, food and chemical processing, and marine industries. A leaking pipe could threaten to shut down your entire operations, which could cost thousands of dollars in downtime, so it pays to cover yourself and your company by keeping a packet or two of Rapp-It on hand. Click to purchase Leakseal Products


Installation Instructions                                                                                            
1.    Once the leaking area is identified, shut down relevant pipes or hoses immediately.
2.    Prepare the surface by roughening the pipe with emery paper or an equivalent.
3.    Apply the enclosed latex gloves.
4.    Open the aluminum foil pouch and immerse Rapp-It in temperate fresh water for 10 seconds
5.    Remember the entire contents must be used once the package is opened.
6.    It is important that Rapp-It is applied quickly, as curing begins once the roll is taken out of the water.
7.    Apply Rapp-It around the damaged area, expanding up to 50mm either side of the leak to ensure complete coverage.
8.    While wrapping, pull each layer tightly, using your hand, to mould and squeeze the layers together. Continue this action during and upon completion.
9.    For best results, manufacturers recommend the completed application should be no less than 10mm in thickness.

It is important that you choose the correct size for your application.

Please refer to Rapp-It instructions for use on each package for the problem and solution guide.

Mining Mining

The processing of raw materials can have an abrasive effect on pipes, especially pipes carrying slurries or waste products. Leakages can occur and need to be repaired before production losses occur. Rapp-it Pipe Repair Products are great solutions in these situations. Areas of use include: coal preparation wash plants, gold processing plants, bauxite processing plants, and quarry wash plants.

Oil & Gas Oil & Gas

From massive oilrigs to 'state of the art' sailing boats, Rapp-it Pipe Repair Products are an essential item to take to sea. Rigs have countless pipes for cooling or passing oil, water or sludge. Rust often occurs, causing leakages. Repairs are often very costly and production time is lost. Because Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandages cure in water, they are ideal for Oil & Gas rigs.

Processing Processing

Major resources company, BlueScope Steel is a regular customer of Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandages. They have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in averting major downtime, with the simple application of our easy repair systems. With some creative thinking, the crew at Port Kembla have fixed more than just pipes!

Marine Marine

Merchant and navy ships, fishing boats, and ferries all have numerous pipes for transporting materials and water. In a harsh marine environment, pipes are susceptible to damage and rusting. For emergency repairs, keep Rapp-it Pipe Repair Products on board. Areas of use include: engine rooms of merchant shipping boats, engine rooms of marine coast guard boats, and emergency repairs to punctured hulls, jury rigs, etc. on yachts or other boats.

Industrial Industrial

All factories have numerous types of pipes that are likely to carry water and processing products like oils, chemicals, and chlorines. For various reasons pipes often leak, so it's vital you stock Rapp-it Pipe Repair Products. Areas of use include: steel smelter works, steel sheet, and coil manufacturing, petroleum production, coal, copper, and zinc smelters, sugar mills, aluminum processing, power stations, timber mills, paper manufacturing, and motor vehicle manufacturing.

Other Other

Commercial farming, general farming, and irrigation equipment are common problem areas for pipe leakages. These problems can occur at unusual places and at inconvenient times. For on-the-job repairs, Rapp-it Pipe Repair Products are ideal. Typical areas of use include: farming equipment or irrigation line repairs, food processing plants, and manufacturing plants.

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